10.25.2014: Eight is Enough

Bittersweet is about the only way to put it.

Tim's last show as Seven Soul's official drummer came and went last weekend in Cedar Lake, Indiana. We played a full evening to the crowd at Goodfellas Bar, and I think it might be the most genuine FUN we've had yet. And, for those who have seen us play before, you know that speaks volumes! We let loose. It was a very casual night with lots of stage antics, smiles, laughs, photo-bombs, interpretive dance, crazy faces... you get the idea! FUN.

More than all of the goofiness and fun, the music was there. Oh, yeeeeeaaaahh. It felt good. After the show, we got a chance to talk with our good friends and SoulMates, Dave and Gina. They said the vibe was noticeably more relaxed on stage than ever (they were there from the beginning at our very first show!). Here's the best part... we gave Gina goosebumps. Can't ask for much more than that!

More precisely, Laurie Ebert gave her the goosebumps.

Wait, what.....who?!?

Last weekend, we were joined by our official eighth member of Seven Soul. Yes, that's right! Laurie is our angel in the wings. If we have a singer down, she comes to our rescue. Goodfellas was her debut on the Seven Soul stage, and she DELIVERED. Whoa. Talk about some lungs! We are so pleased to have her, and we know you're going to love her just as much as we do. If you'd like to hear for yourself, watch our calendar for shows featuring Laurie!

Now, the fun begins. 

We have our newest lineup in place, so we are taking a show break in November, filling our days with rehearsals, recording sessions, and photo shoots. Get ready, friends... this new Seven Soul ride is gonna be a trip!

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