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Monday Morning Encore

Britt announcemt

08.14.2017: Seven Soul, version 4.5

Benjamin Franklin once said, "When you're finished changing, you're finished." On that note, I'm happy to report that Seven Soul is not finished!

As you may have guessed, we have some changes to report... we're very sad to say that two of our loved members have moved on. First, our drummer Tim, who was already stretched thin, jumped on an opportunity he just couldn't refuse. Second, our beloved Kat has also moved on. Although she loves the stage, entertaining, and especially singing, the time was right to…

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Kat announcement

8.8.2016: Aloha!

No, Seven Soul is not planning a show in Hawaii (we WISH!). "Aloha" is just one of those mixed up words that means both "hello" and "goodbye." And, that's exactly where we find ourselves right now...

First, Melissa Moulden has landed some new opportunities in the local music world, which is great news! However, there are only so many hours in the day, so the sad result is that she is retiring from Seven Soul. She was one of the beautiful voices on stage with us for the past year and a half, and she will…

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07122015 ghfest afm infinity

7.11.2015: To Infinity, And Beyond!

If last weekend is any indication, Buzz Lightyear's got nothing on Seven Soul! 

We were honored to make our inaugural appearance at the Glendale Heights Fest this summer, playing just before the beloved headliner, Infinity
At first, the rain threatened to spoil the night for the good people of Glendale Heights (except for a few diehard troopers who were armed with giant golf umbrellas! Good thinking!). But, the clouds eventually parted, and the people started gathering for a great night of music.

Now, I'd…

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20150704 blarney2

7.4.2015: Ahhhh... Independence

Gotta hand it to Mom... just when you think our non-summer is going to spoil our fun, Mother Nature delivers a perfectly gorgeous day for the 4th. Seven Soul could not be more thankful as we celebrated our nation's independence under the clear blue skies of Blarney Island!

Talk about a PARTY. Wow! When you have a captive audience who came do nothing other than drink, party, and boogie down to some rocking music... what more do you need? OH, yeah... fireworks! We had those, too... 360 degrees of them…

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Tim2 framed

5.7.2015: Someone Old, Someone New, Someone Borrowed...


Sadly, the faces of Seven Soul are changing a little. First, we must bid a sad adieu to Mike Sweeney, our previous drummer. Thanks for all of the blood, sweat, and tears, and we wish you all the best, Mike!

Second, and just in time for #TBT, Seven Soul is pleased to announce the return of a familiar old face. Tim McCarthy is once again filling the drummer role and sitting high upon the drummer's throne (you know the crown and scepter can't be too far behind, right?).

With his return, Tim brings all…

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05042015 morettis

5.4.2015: Once in a Blue Moon

It isn't every day that you get to participate in a game changer. But, last weekend, Seven Soul was truly in the thick of it!

Last weekend, we played the inaugural NXNW Highway Fest in Edison Park. No, you're not crazy... the name is similar to the famous SXSW Music Fest. By design. Like the famous fest, the NXNW Highway Fest featured gobs of music from multiple genres, all within a short walk. Think "3-day musical pub crawl."

We were one of 45 band playing across those 4 venues in Edison Park. And, I…
03162015 mike announcement

3.16.2015: Luck O' the Irish?

Seven Soul is full of families… We’re all moms, dads, husbands, or wives, and our families are very important to us. It’s this love of family that has caused yet another lineup change for Seven Soul.

Our newest member, Mike Sweeney

Sadly, we must say goodbye to our newest member, Kevin Wagner. Family takes precedence for all of us, of course. So, we all fully support Kevin in his decision to put family commitments first, and we wish him all the best in the future.

To fill his shoes, we are happy to…

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2014 09 13 rich

11.11.2014: Bodacious Vibes for the Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday, Rich!

As part of our shout out to celebrate his big day, we thought this is a good time to learn a little more about the man behind the guitar. We sat down with Rich and asked him to answer the 10 "Pivot Questions" that James Lipton made famous on Inside the Actors Studio...

Q:  What is your favorite word?  
A:  Yes!

Q:  What is your least favorite word?
A:  No

Q:  What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?  
A:  Beauty

Q:  What turns you off?
A:  Drama or negativity

Q:  What is…

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20141025 goodfellas red2 acorbin

10.25.2014: Eight is Enough

Bittersweet is about the only way to put it.

Tim's last show as Seven Soul's official drummer came and went last weekend in Cedar Lake, Indiana. We played a full evening to the crowd at Goodfellas Bar, and I think it might be the most genuine FUN we've had yet. And, for those who have seen us play before, you know that speaks volumes! We let loose. It was a very casual night with lots of stage antics, smiles, laughs, photo-bombs, interpretive dance, crazy faces... you get the idea! FUN.

More than all of the…

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20140219 tim radio

10.15.2014: Drummer Boy Seeks Greener Pastures

It's been fun!
It's been real!
It's been real fun!

But, all good/fun things must come to an end. And, no matter how it saddens us, we have to say goodbye. Our drummer, Tim McCarthy, has decided to leave Seven Soul and pursue greener pastures. Of course, we'll miss his versatile and impeccable drumming style (not to mention, his whacked sense of humor!). But, we do wish him the best in his future musical pursuits!

If you're bumming like we are, don't worry... you have one last chance to catch Tim on the Seven…

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