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Songs, videos, and photos... OH MY! Our media page has something to delight 3 of the 5 human senses (well, maybe touching the pictures on your screen isn't exactly a "delightful" experience). When are they going to get Smell O'Vision working anyway?


Join the fun and submit your witty captions in our Caption That! contest. Then, check out our previous "Hall of Fame" winners. Are you on the list?


Did we capture a picture of you? Want to see what you missed, or relive the fun from a show? Our photo albums are always available on our Facebook page! We even capture a few choice pics and videos on Instagram!


Listen to some studio recordings, or watch a few fan videos taken at a recent show to see us in motion.

Marketing and Press Materials

Press Kits and Logos

Seven Soul 2018 Press Kit Seven Soul ePK - 2018 1.48 MB
Seven Soul Band Bio 2018 Quick band bio telling what we're about. 387 KB
2018 Logo - Light Bkgnd Our new horizontal logo, meant for lighter backgrounds. 1.75 MB
2018 Logo - Dark Bkgnd Our new horizontal logo, meant for dark backgrounds. 1.78 MB
Classic Logo - Blue glow Our classic Seven Soul logo with the blue glow and our URL. 1.21 MB
Classic Logo - No glow Our classic Seven Soul logo, with our URL but without the glow. 466 KB