05.10.2014: Go West, Young Man!

They say life isn't about the destination... it's all in the journey. And, oh boy, what a journey it's been!

You probably know that the faces of Seven Soul are changing, which means that we've reached the end of journey number one. In reflection, I realize what a GREAT trip it's been! The paths of seven musicians collided in February 2013 (well, our drummer Tim came to the party a little later). Who knew that one year later, our completely unknown band would see our name on the marquees of some of the biggest venues in Chicagoland?

And sadly, who knew that our last show at Cairo Bar would be a swansong for two of those seven musicians? We had the honor of sharing the night with one of Chicago's finest bands, Mr. Blotto. Maybe they gained a few new fans from our SoulMates? I don't know, but I do know Seven Soul gained a few from their fan base (I'm talking to you, Dan, Steve, and Dale)! The energy was jumping, and we laid out our signature harmonies and tones in our truest Seven Soul style.

That show, and all of the shows that came before, are something to be proud of. And, we are. Immensely.

So, what's next for Seven Soul?

The show must go on.... and wheels are already in motion to find that next great lineup. Who's path is going to cross ours this time? We'll know soon enough. But until then, our musician friends are rallying behind Seven Soul to bridge the gap. Some great singers will join us on stage, bringing you unique performances you may never hear or see again!

We're also expanding our reach outside of Chicagoland. Already, we're crossing the state line into Indiana, and we'll announce some other shows in far-flung regions very soon. Watch for them!

I can't tell you how excited (and nervous, in a good way) I am to see where this leads. All indications point to an even more exciting year two for Seven Soul, and we can't wait to take this next journey with all of you!

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