01.29.2014: Swag, baby... YEAH!

Another January day, another Chiberian rehearsal.

Yep, it's coooooold in that basement. So cold that it begs the question, "Is it worth freezing my little tootsie toes off on a Wednesday night to bop around the basement, bang the cowbell, and croon some sweet melodies with the other Soulsters?" Hella yeah, baby!

OK, we promised we'd bring you new tunes this February, and we will NOT disappoint. We're unveiling 2 shiny new tunes at our Wire show this Saturday, so get your tickets and plan your route to Berwyn NOW.

"Only 2 measly songs?" you say. Ohhhhhhh no. These are not measly in the least. First, one of the songs includes a flute solo and 4-part harmony. That's worth the price of admission right there! Then, we top off that delicacy with a 4-song medley. FOUR. Correct me if I'm wrong, but my fuzzy math tells me we're talking about more like 5 to 5.5 new songs, right? Well, right or wrong, you're going to love it!

Now, as if that wasn't enough reason to come see us, there's more (do I sound like an infomercial yet?)... Seven Soul has swaaaaaag, That's right, baby! We've got a bag of glow-in-the-dark Seven Soul buttons just calling your name. See, they're cool enough for even a cowbell-playing monkey (it just doesn't get cooler).

Want one? (you-know-you-do you-know-you-do)... Come and get it! Starting this February, we'll give them away at our live shows only—this Saturday is your first chance!

When they're gone, they're gone... don't miss out!

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