4.22.2023: Seven Soul turns TEN!

Ten years, already? 

Wow! A tenth anniversary doesn't come around for a lot of bands, so we are extremely thankful to all of you, the coolest Soulmates on the planet. 

To show our thanks, we're throwing a HUGE PARTY at…

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3.11.2023: Thank you Bannermans!

Sure, Bannermans doesn't have the flashiest lights or a towering stage. 

But, that doesn't matter. 

The people of Bannermans, staff and customers… THEY are the true magic of that place. We had a blast making music and partying with all…

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3.6.2023: We're all winners?

I love weekends. But, I really love show weekends. 

That's why last weekend was just the best! Great music, great friends, great venue. OK, I'll stop gushing and recap the night for you…

On Saturday, Seven Soul and The Remedy

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Sound Off Review: Bottomz Up!

Bottomz Up is a terrific band that plays a pretty diverse selection of hits. Rock, Pop, Country... they do it all. Special shout outs to Sandee and Kim, the sirens of Bottomz Up.

We had the pleasure of playing with…

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2.20.2023: Super Secret What???

Is there anybody out there? (a la Pink Floyd)

But seriously, I wonder, does anyone read these? Either way, ima gonna rite 'em!

Our latest show was sooo muuuuch fuuuun (they all just seem to get better and better!). Thank…

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2.4.2023: Our New Normal

Like all of you, our world was turned upside-down. But, good or bad, change brings opportunity. And, we're taking this opportunity to turn our lemons into lemon drops!

For one, our lineup changed... again. It's never easy to…

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7.4.2021: What Doesn't Kill You...

Let's face it, last year was brutal.

So much has changed, so much was lost. For the music scene, we watched helplessly while countless venues and bands caved. And I won't lie, I was worried that we might be one…

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2.10.2020: Rolling with the Changes

When something seems too good to be true, it usually is.

And, a unicorn who plays keys, well… I suppose it was. Although we loved jamming with Tony, he decided to move on, and we wish him nothing but the…

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7.26.2019: The Unicorn Hunt is Over

All it takes is first grade math to know that Seven Soul hasn't been exactly accurate, as of late. With only six members on recent stages, what's the deal with the extra soul? 

We finally have the answer...  

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5.6.2019: Deja Vu

Wait… weren’t we just here? ?

Although his stay with us was short, we are very sad to say that guitarist Ed Michener is moving on. Family always comes first, and we fully support Ed and his decision to…

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11.5.2018: Turn, Turn, Turn...

As The Byrds once sang, "To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under Heaven."

Well, the time has come for us to stir the Seven Soul pot and retool.

To that end…

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