11.30.13: Battle Mania Saves the Best for Last

Thanks to the votes and support from our fantastic SoulMates, Seven Soul competed in the FINAL round of Battle Mania last weekend. Many of you have asked, "So, how'd it go?" Short answer—AWESOME. Here's why...

First and foremost, we're professionals. That means, we stick to our commitments. I have to admit, when we found out we were scheduled in the 12:20 a.m. slot (yes, you read that right... A.M.), my thought was, "Why bother? Who's coming out to Chicago Ridge to see us start that late?!" But, Seven Soul made a commitment to participate, and we're not quitters. Besides, we couldn't let down the SoulMates who got us to this point in the competition! (We love you guys!!!)

Second, we DELIVERED. Yowza! As you were drifting off into a blissful slumber, you have no idea what musical
goodies you were missing! The show was running late, as is typical with these multi-band shows, so we didn't actually take the stage until about 1:00 a.m. (Ugh.). Didn't matter. The energy, the instruments, and the voices were there in full force. Boo-yah!

And thirdly, even with only about 7 people left in the audience (i.e., the bar staff and 3 friends), we got some terrific reviews! As our last note was still ringing into the room, one staffer (who dropped what he was doing and came to the front of the stage) said, "Now, THAT was entertaining!" The bartender later noted that Seven Soul really had only one other band that came close to competing with us. Not that anyone, other than those 7 people, would know. Sadly, the place cleared out during the previous band's set. Patrons, other band members, and even the competition hosts left before we even started. Yep, it was basically a dress rehearsal for Seven Soul. A really, really successful dress rehearsal. :-)

Regardless, Seven Soul did what we came to do... we kicked ass and fulfilled our obligation. Done.

So, that leaves only one question... did we win? We certainly hope so! But, sadly, we don't know yet. The organizers will tally up the final votes and announce the winner soon. 

Until then, keep those fingers crossed!

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