12.27.13: The FEW, the PROUD, the SOULMATES

Downtown venue... CHECK.
Great dance floor... CHECK.
Good food and drinks... CHECK.
Awesome music...CHECK.
Huge crowd... DOH!

What can I say, the stage was literally set for an incredible party, but we were up against some very tough odds. Turns out that all of the big, popular bands were playing the very.same.night, of course.

But, that's OK, we had an absolute blast with the few diehard fans who came to party with us! Of course, we had our SoulMate Numero Uno and Dos in attendance (I'll let them decide who's who!), Jerome Allen (bass) from
Psycho Sister, and a few tables of friends and family who came out to support us. Thanks, guys!

Another fun highlight of the night is that we shared the stage with
Sweet Diezel Jenkins. If you haven't heard these guys do their off-the-wall mashups, DO IT. These guys are a blast! Not only did Jen and Alisa get up and shake their booties on the dance floor, but they were invited on stage to sing a few bars with them.

The fun lasted until Jen stole the show with her rendition of Superstition, and Sweet Diezel booted them back to the dance floor. Ha! (A word to the wise... Jen's a ringer, folks). ;-)

Soooooo... now, it's 2014. What's up for Seven Soul?

We're busy lining up some sweet shows all over Chicagoland, so keep a watch on
our calendar. But, before we light up the stage again, we're using January to learn some new tunes (and to thaw out from the frigid temps!). Even so, keep an eye on the Monday Morning Encore for an occasional report and a few shout outs.

But before I go... THANK YOU. It's hard to believe that 2013 was our inaugural year... we debuted last April, and we've come sooooo far in these 8 months. Wow! We couldn't have done it without your encouragement, love, and support. And, for that, we extend our very heartfelt thanks and gratitude.

Now... ONWARD TO 2014!

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