12.21.13: You SHOCKED Me All Night Long

The old adage "never judge a book by its cover" was never more true than last weekend at the Chambers restaurant. When we arrived, we observed the clientele, quietly enjoying their dinners and appearing to share a routine nightly date with their Sleep Number beds at promptly 8:30 p.m. Our collective thought was, "Oh no, this will never work." AC/DC, Poison, or even Joan Jett... to this crowd?
With trepidation, we started the night, turned down waaaaaaay low.... but, it didn't take long. The dance floor started to fill. (What?) The dinner crowd bounced in their seats to our beat. (Huh?!?) The crowd in the bar continued growing. (NO WAY!) And, these people stayed LATE... until the very end, actually! (YAY!!!) So, we cranked it UP.

We had dancers for some of the most unlikely songs (dancing to Garbage tunes? Really???). But, the biggest shocker of the night had to be when we started the AC/DC tune "You Shook Me All Night Long." At first, we thought it might be inappropriate for the mature and sophisticated dinner crowd. WRONG. The dance floor was filled with ladies and gentlemen 60+ years old, bumping and grinding the night away (Yes... I said grinding). WOW.

In short, we were completely shocked and blown away by the incredible crowd at Chambers! It wasn't at all what we expected, and I have to say that it turned into the BEST audience we've ever had.

THANK YOU to the Chambers crowd for a most excellent night... we can't wait to rock the night away with you again!

And, I'd like to personally thank the bartender (Ann) and chef/owner (Tony) for taking such good care of me and Rich at the end of the night. We were starving after the show. Tony graciously opened his kitchen and served us the most delicious fettucine (made fresh onsite!) and shrimp dish. People, go there. EAT. You will thank yourself (and me) later. Trust me!

One last shout-out goes to Sami Murphy... it ain't easy for her to get to our gigs, but she was there, front and center for this one! (Look out Laura, we might have a new "SoulMate Numero Uno" if you aren't careful!)

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