09.13.2014: New Vox on the Block

"Seven Soul just keeps getting better and better!
Tore the house down!"
Terry Murphy, Rock Heart Photography

(Awwwww... we <3 you, too, Terry!). Of course, Terry is referring to our show at Shark City last week, where we officially debuted the newest vocal members of Seven Soul... Frances Giagkou and Melissa Moulden. With a new lineup, you just never know what to expect. But, all fears or worries were quickly washed away when those powerhouse ladies BROUGHT IT.

The crowd was on their feet, moving to the groovin' in no time. Melissa quickly struck a chord in the audience with her no-holds-barred version of "You Oughta Know." Seriously, the whole audience now "knows" (won't make that mistake again, right fellas?). She also showed a softer but equally chilling side when she sang "Black Velvet" from the depths of her heart.

And, Frankie strummed the heartstrings of everyone in the room with her rousing rendition of "What's Up." If you wear Birkenstocks or just love to wave an Android lighter in the air, you have GOT to hear her do that song. Put that on your bucket list pronto!

It just can't be said enough... THANK YOU to all of our SoulMates for your love and support! We had some familiar faces in the crowd at Shark City, such as Laura and Mike (of The Ralleys)... thanks for monkey-sitting Spanky for us! And, of course, the aforementioned Terry Murphy of Rock Heart Photography was there to capture the night's energy in gorgeous stills. We were even honored with a Tony Shark-Labarbera sighting! One of the best compliments for any band has to be when other musicians come out to see us on their night off. So, hats off to Buddy and Bart of Hinge and the numerous other musicians in the room. You guys ROCK!

Just judging from the fun in the room and on the dance floor, I'm guessing we gained a few new friends by night's end, too (welcome to our cozy corner of the rockin' world!).

Now, Seven Soul is taking a nice long break between shows. However, that doesn't mean we're sitting idly by. Oh no! We'll be busting our butts, working on new material—we have new voices, so we need new songs to match, right? We'll also be back in the studio, spiffing up our promo materials. Plus, we're breaking in a fourth voice, but we'll chat more about that later.

Thanks again for the support, and we hope to see YOU on the dance floor with us someday soon!

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