08.15-17.2014: I wanna be a ROCK STARRRRR

Finally, it's happening.

A year ago, Seven Soul sat down to plan our goals. We had two: casinos and festivals. As of last weekend...

Can someone just pinch me? I still can't believe the whirlwind, and I lived it. The weekend started with a road trip to Springfield, IL. We played to the bustling Friday lunch crowd at the Illinois State Fair. Yes, the STATE FAIR. Everyone dug it, even when we invited our daughters on stage for "Nothing But a Good Time" (yeah, no shy children for us). Surely, it was the highlight of their little entertaining souls!

Several newbie SoulMates congratulated us on a job well done. The guitarist in a later band admitted, "I'm sure glad we aren't following you guys!" Even our sound guy thanked us profusely (no kidding!) and said it was "an honor" to have us on his stage. WOW. But, the biggest thrill for me came hours later...as we strolled the festival grounds, patrons and employees alike gave us a big thumbs UP. Awww... shucks, y'all. See ya next year!

After the journey home Saturday afternoon, we headed over to Grand Victoria Casino in Elgin. Admittedly, we got off to a rocky start. Hey, it isn't easy preparing for a 3-hour show with two brand new fill-ins! But, our sound guy, Jesse (what a sweetie!), helped get us back on track for the last two sets. A hearty THANK YOU goes out to Sonya Schwanda (vocals) and Don Pokorny (drums) for lending us their talents for the night! And, another big shout-out goes to the amazing crowd that boogied and crooned right along. You rock!

As if that wasn't enough, we rounded out the ROCK STAR weekend with a show at the Edison Park Festival. We warmed up the crowd for the night's headliner, Two White Crew. What a PARTAY. The familiar faces in the crowd gave us the warm and fuzzies. And, I think we might have converted a few new faces into SoulMates. Thanks to all who came, and thanks to Edison Park for having us!

Even though we walked away from the weekend utterly exhausted, every last one of us had a huge SMILE smeared across our faces. Thanks. Just, thanks.

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