06.27-28.2014: Fuggedaboudit!

Seeing as it's a Monday, I suppose I should let you in on the goods from our last two shows, huh?

Did Seven Soul kill it? Were there some surprises? Are we hungry for more? ...Fuggedaboudit!

I won't lie. Now that we're working with some fill-in vocalists (albeit, hard-working and talented), you just never know what you're going to get. Good? Bad? Who knows!? So, I was a bit unnerved before taking the stage Friday night at Fitz's Spare Keys. Nope, we weren't perfect. Yep, we wish we could take back some sour notes and missed licks. But... all-in-all we put on one helluva show (and didn't bust any eardrum in the process this time)!

Plus, we're honored that Jim and Becky Obos from JPM Photography - Your Dreams Captured stopped by and snapped some ahhhhhh-MAZ-ing photos! They absolutely ROCK the camera, and they're just the best souls you'll ever meet. (Thanks, Jim and Becky!)

The following night, we had yet a different lineup, but still four (count 'em, FOUR) ladies mixing up the vocal magic. We played a full night at Goodfellas Bar and Grill in Cedar Lake, Indiana... our first time outside of Chicagoland! And, what a fun little place that was! We had no less than two birthdays and a wedding party drop in that evening. FUN!

Again, it wasn't a perfect night. But, we had the crowd up and dancing, singing along, tapping feet, and grinning from ear to ear throughout the night. Overwhelmingly, the feedback from the Goodfellas crowd tells us that they love the wide range and variety of music. You like the 80's hair band music? Great, but don't get too comfy... here's a 60's tune. Then, back to the 90's. Yeah, we definitely keep our audiences entertained and guessing!

What's next?

Obviously, we need to get our permanent lineup squared away. So, while we work on that, we're taking a little show break in July. Doesn't mean we aren't working! We have the Illinois State Fair and Edison Park Fest coming up quickly in August, so all eyes, fingers, voices, and attentions are tuned into those shows. We intend to summarily light those stages on fire, so stay tuned!

In closing, I have to once again thank our lovely and generous fill-in vocalists for all of their time and effort. Katy, Frankie, Melissa, and Julie... you're all dolls, and we can't thank you enough for bridging that gap to the new Seven Soul!

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