05.11.2013: The DeMito's Crowd Gets a Full Taste

After our brief appearance last month, Seven Soul left the DeMito's DD Saloon crowd hankerin' for more. Last night, Seven Soul satisfied that hankerin'... We delivered a full 3-hour dose of face-melting rock to a packed house! DeMito's MarqueeAmong the many sing-alongs, the biggest crowd pleaser was clearly "Piece of My Heart." Not only did Kristen sing her tushy off belting out Janis's iconic words, but the whole room was more than happy to raise the roof by blasting "BREAK IT!" or "TAKE IT!" on cue. Well done, SoulMates!

So, will this last dose of Seven Soul keep our DeMito's crowd satisfied, or only wanting for more? Only time will tell... 

Until then, if you were one of the lucky SoulMates in our audience this weekend, we'd love to hear your review. And, more importantly, those unfortunate souls who missed out need to know just what they missed. 
Leave a review or comment for everyone on our SoulMates page, and hopefully they'll come out to party with all of us NEXT time!

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