05.10.2013: Seven Soul at J&D's Bar and Grill

Last night, Seven Soul rocked a room full of strangers for 3 solid hours. Fun! Well, not everyone was a stranger... a few friends and co-workers showed up, and Alisa did make a few new friends between sets (Johnny Mac, this one's for you!). But, it was great to see how many people enjoyed our sets. Looks like we're on to something here!

So, a few highlights from the evening... we added 6 new songs, and (mostly) remembered all of the words and notes. As happy as I am to report that we had NO dead arms, we traded that for a bit of dead air. I'm not sure any of us was immune. LOL! That's OK, the crowd didn't seem to mind, and they still sang along. They even busted a few moves on the dance floor!

Another highlight is we already booked our next show at J&D's before we even finished the first one. So, if you're up in the northern burbs, be sure to check our calendar and join us next month!

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