Do you live under a rock? Seven Soul at the Hard Rock ChicagoWere you recently thawed from cryogenic suspended animation? So, you are the one who didn’t hear that Seven Soul celebrated a huge milestone last weekend. We TURNED ONE.  And, we celebrated BIG TIME, performing our hearts out on the Hard Rock Café stage in Chicago. Yeah, Baby!
But even before that, Seven Soul came full circle on Friday night, crushing MS alongside Cassi’s MS Crushing Crew! We unofficially debuted last year at this benefit, raising money for the MS Society. This year’s turnout was bigger and better than ever (and it’s not too late to donate)! Plus, I think it’s no small coincidence that the Chicago Blackhawks won at the very moment we started our “hallelujah” crooning in Nothing But a Good Time. Yes, that’s right… we’re taking credit for the win. Ha!
Speaking of wins… Saturday? NAILED IT. First, the place was packed. Friends, family, strangers, and tourists from far and wide cheered, head-bobbed, and lip-synced alongside us. My expectations were already high, but they were blown away when uproarious cheers came from seemingly nowhere after the first few chords of I Love Rock n’ Roll! I guess those Japanese tourists in the balcony were huge Joan Jett fans?
And, I’m happy to report that not all eyes were dry in the house that night. We moved at least one super supportive SoulMate to tears by the end of our set. Awww… we’re pleased as punch that we did you proud, Sami!
Seven Soul at Hard Rock Chicago 
As if Friday and Saturday weren’t enough, Seven Soul represented at Durty Nellies on Sunday for “Breaking the Silence 6.” This massive yearly event is hosted by our good friends in Veilside, and we’re proud to help kick autism’s ass in any small way we can. Be sure to check out Veilside (they ROCK!) and donate to the cause, if you can. It feels good to give back!

Finally, let me extend a very heartfelt thank you to the friends, family, and fans of Seven Soul. In one short year, you propelled us further than we even thought possible, and there’s no way we could have done this without you. THANK YOU for the love, support, encouragement, honesty, and patience (with our endless show invitations!). We love you right back!

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