02.15.14: Tears for Hears

“I’ve never heard you guys sound better!”
“Wanna meet my monkey?”

… Just a few choice phrases from last weekend. And, yes… it was a terrific show! Shark City is really a great place for bands AND their fans, and it was our pleasure sharing the stage with the U.F.C. Band

They had a fierce group of fans in attendance, while a video crew captured their every shake and wiggle. Not to mention any names (Mike, Kevin, and Christy), but a few of their fans even took a shine to us, too. Win!

We had SoulMate Numero Uno (westside division) in attendance, and a few friends finally got to see us for the first time… hope you enjoyed it, Tommy, Tracey, Z.D., Jessica, and Chris!

But, in honor of Valentine’s and all of that other love junk, my most humble thanks go to a very special gentleman in the crowd. Jen made him cry, and I’m not in the

 least bit sorry. Let me explain…
[SAP ALERT: Proceed with Caution]

When I tell you that our very own Jen sings “Bobby McGee” BETTER than Janis, that ain’t no lie. It’s…. AH-MAZING. Well, Jen felt especially inspired that night. She felt it hard. The audience felt it hard. After the show, with teary eyes, that special gentleman thanked Jen, telling her that his departed wife’s favorite song was none other than “Bobby McGee.”

Yep. That right there is why we make music, my friends.


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