02.01.2014: Babes in Wireland

Someone pinch me. Did that really just happen? WOW.

What a dream it was to play at such a terrific venue! We felt loved. We felt cared for. We felt heard. What more can a bunch of diehard musicians ask for?!?

In case you aren't sure, I'm talking about this new venue we played last weekend...Wire, out in Berwyn. Yes, Berwyn. "Swanky" doesn't even begin to describe the place. The owners obviously designed this place with a true love for live music in their hearts. And, they know the way into other hearts, as evidenced by the 10-page booklet of beers they offer! OK, maybe that's a slight exaggeration, but... only slight. And, the staff. Oh, boy do they know how to take care of their customers! 

I could go on gushing for the next week, but let me fill you in on a few fun highlights instead.

First, the night was kicked off by
Sweet Diezel Jenkins. Simply put, this band is pure entertainment from start to finish. Then, the big horns of 95th Street Band hit the stage with some "Tower of Power" tunes. Ahhhh-mazing! When it was finally our turn to fill the rafters with song, we got a rare treat. A few horns from 95th Street Band stayed on stage to play "Chain of Fools" with us. ***CHILLS*** 

Finally, we bid them adieu and went about our business of delivering high-energy, big-powered song after song into the wee hours. Although the Joan Jett curse seemed to rear it's ugly head for a moment (Aarrrrgh!!!),
Alisa and the Seven Soul button monkey. that was overshadowed by the HUGE voice of Kristen on "Barracuda." After everyone scooped their jaws off the ground, we continued the onslaught. We even debuted two new songs... a Rolling Stones medley, and "California Dreaming" featuring Kristen on the flute.

Even though the weather kept many of our SoulMates away, we still had 40+ walk-ups stop in and enjoy the show. That's 40+ new SoulMates, people! The best part? Yep, they got to meet my Seven Soul button-wearing monkey. YEAH, BABY! My monkey made his way around the room, spreading Seven Soul love and buttons.

Want to meet my monkey, too?
Check the calendar and come on out! Besides, don't worry about the cold... let US keep you warmed up!

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