01.08.2014: Practice Practice Practice

Someone once said that "being in a band is like dating six people at the same time." Now, while that conjures a disturbing mental image, the sentiment is pretty true... you do have a relationship with every other band member. It's like family!

Seven Soul is like a family. And, we all know that sometimes a family member can get a little crazy now and again, right? Maybe we've been working too hard the past 8 months? Maybe we're just going stir-crazy from being cooped up inside? Or, maybe our basement rehearsal space was just too coooooold? Whatever the reason, it seems that we ALL got a little crazy during our last rehearsal! Lucky for all of you,
I had a camera handy to capture the madness!

But, never fear... between rehearsal hijinks, we're still working hard to bring you some new tunes in February. Your first chance to taste the musical fruits of our labor will be
Saturday, February 1 at a new (and super awesome) venue for us... Wire in Berwyn. But, that's not all! Sweet Diezel Jenkins and the 95th Street Band are warming up the stage for us! (No way??? YES way!!!) 

Friends, this show is going to be off. the. charts. So, if you like music, like to dance, or just like to be entertained, DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW. Make plans now, and we'll all shake our booties together on February 1!

Until then, put your holiday gift cards to good use, keep up with those New Year's resolutions, and stay safe and warm with your family these next few wintry weeks.

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