11.30.13: Battle Mania Saves the Best for Last

Thanks to the votes and support from our fantastic SoulMates, Seven Soul competed in the FINAL round of Battle Mania last weekend. Many of you have asked, "So, how'd it go?" Short answer—AWESOME. Here's why...

First and foremost, we're professionals.…Read more

11.22.2013: Blues Bar... or FLUes Bar?

Seven Soul braved the Friday traffic and frigid night air to play our very first show at Blues Bar (Mount Prospect). What a nice little place with a rockin stage! Although the blustery cold intimidated a lot of people into…Read more

11.16.2013: Bungle in the Bungalow Joe's

Kicking off our steady stream of shows to round out 2013, Seven Soul played a full night to a welcoming crowd in Hanover Park. How did Tim (drummer) put it? Oh yes, "the most well-behaved crowd we've ever played to."…Read more

05.10.2013: Seven Soul at J&D's Bar and Grill

Last night, Seven Soul rocked a room full of strangers for 3 solid hours. Fun! Well, not everyone was a stranger... a few friends and co-workers showed up, and Alisa did make a few new friends between sets (Johnny Mac,…Read more

05.11.2013: The DeMito's Crowd Gets a Full Taste

After our brief appearance last month, Seven Soul left the DeMito's DD Saloon crowd hankerin' for more. Last night, Seven Soul satisfied that hankerin'... We delivered a full 3-hour dose of face-melting rock to a packed house! Among the many…Read more

04.27.2013: OUR DEBUT!

The girls and guys of Seven Soul "officially" popped their cherry last night! They played two energy-packed sets to the crowd at J.D. Mugg's, and the best part... they liked (dare I say, loved?) us! Some highlights include the…Read more