10.25.2014: Eight is Enough

Bittersweet is about the only way to put it.

Tim's last show as Seven Soul's official drummer came and went last weekend in Cedar Lake, Indiana. We played a full evening to the crowd at Goodfellas Bar, and I…

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09.13.2014: New Vox on the Block

  "Seven Soul just keeps getting better and better! Tore the house down!"
Terry Murphy, Rock Heart Photography

(Awwwww... we <3 you, too, Terry!). Of course, Terry is referring to our show at Shark City last…

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Our singer search is over! 

We are extremely pleased to welcome the newest members of Seven Soul... Frances Giagkou and Melissa Moulden.

Frances (a.k.a., "Frankie," "Francois," "Frannie," "F-BOMB," and "Hey You") comes to us from the distant shores of…

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08.15-17.2014: I wanna be a ROCK STARRRRR

Finally, it's happening.

A year ago, Seven Soul sat down to plan our goals. We had two: casinos and festivals. As of last weekend...

Can someone just pinch me? I still can't believe the whirlwind, and I …

06.27-28.2014: Fuggedaboudit!

Seeing as it's a Monday, I suppose I should let you in on the goods from our last two shows, huh?

Did Seven Soul kill it? Were there some surprises? Are we hungry for more? ...Fuggedaboudit!

I won't lie. Now…

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06.06.2014: With a Little Help from My Friends

"And, now for something completely different..."

You've heard it from Monty Python, and you've heard it many times from the Seven Soul stage. But when we say it this time, we really mean it. Our lineup looked very different, so…

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05.10.2014: Go West, Young Man!

They say life isn't about the destination... it's all in the journey. And, oh boy, what a journey it's been!

You probably know that the faces of Seven Soul are changing, which means that we've reached the end of journey…

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Do you live under a rock? Were you recently thawed from cryogenic suspended animation? So, you are the one who didn’t hear that Seven Soul celebrated a huge milestone last weekend. We TURNED ONE.  And, we celebrated BIG TIME, performing…

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02.19.14: Seven Soul Unplugged

What has 14 legs, 2 beards, and multiple listeners across the Chicago radio airwaves? No, not some roving circus act that drifted into town. Give up? The answer is none other than your favorite band of guys and gals, Seven…

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