04.27.2013: OUR DEBUT!

The girls and guys of Seven Soul "officially" popped their cherry last night! They played two energy-packed sets to the crowd at J.D. Mugg's, and the best part... they liked (dare I say, loved?) us! The girls of Seven Soul feel ALL the feels.Some highlights include the moment we made a proud momma cry (that would be our guitarist Rich Conboy's mother) when we played "Sweet Home Alabama" for her. She's only been asking him to play it for about, oh... twenty years now? Another highlight was our show closer, "Proud Mary." Jen Usellis led the other girls in a rendition that had the crowd on their feet and (figuratively) rollin' down that soulful river with us! So, we're off to a great start, and we're hammering out the details for several more upcoming shows in May, June, and July. Sign up for email list and stay tuned to our calendar to find YOUR next chance to rock out with us!

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