Stunning audiences with “jaw-dropping” performances, Seven Soul redefines your cover band experience. Powerhouse vocals and seasoned musicians combine to deliver sweet harmony and grit with style and elegance. They may cover the 60's to today, but every song is uniquely Seven Soul.

Monday Morning Encore

11.22.2013: Blues Bar... or FLUes Bar? 

Seven Soul braved the Friday traffic and frigid night air to play our very first show at Blues Bar (Mount Prospect). What a nice little place with a rockin stage! Although the blustery cold intimidated a lot of people into hibernating for the evening, we did see some familiar faces in the crowd. Maybe the most noteable face was a charter member of Seven Soul... our original drummer, Pete Sorrano (affectionately known to us as "rePete"). Great to see you, buddy!

Now, I wish I could say that we were unbelieveably awesome, but I won't lie... we had struggles. The most noteable struggle is that one of our illustrious singers, Kristen, has been stricken with the flu! BOO! For those who may not know, singing and the flu do not like each other. In fact, they're mortal enemies. But, the show must go on, and Kristen fought valiantly. She got most of her songs out there for the Blues Bar patrons, definitely earning her "Trooper" patch for the night!

And, even if this wasn't our best, we still gained new fans. The verdict is that they love the mix of music and our trademark harmonies, and they'll be back for more!

So, be sure to send warm chicken soup and healing vibes in Kristen's direction, and check out the calendar for upcoming shows (like
Battle Mania coming up Nov. 30!).

Be well, SoulMates.
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